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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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It’s funny how, sometimes, we risk ourselves to get what we want; to do what we want. What’s funnier is, I got the thought from having coffee. I’m having coffee and risking all of me and this whole day just to feel some comforting warmth in this cold and gloomy weather. 

Hopefully, when I feel the first jabs of pain in my chest and the heaving of my lungs, my mind will concentrate on the pain that’s real. On the things that are here right now while the rain pours outside drenching problematic people elsewhere in this city. 

I hope they’d think that good things will come eventually. Or that they can, somehow, do something that will lead to it. I hope they realize that life is short and fast and it will not stop for anyone. I hope they’d have the courage to move on. 

I hope they’d find comfort. 

Monday, July 21, 2014
"Your soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It is who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second…"

Anonymous (via unity-amongst-the-universe)



Words of Emotion

I did not want to be anyone’s something until you. Now, I just want to be your everything. I couldn’t risk losing you.


Words of Emotion

I did not want to be anyone’s something until you. Now, I just want to be your everything. I couldn’t risk losing you.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

They Say A Person Stops Writing When He/She’s Happy or Broken Beyond Repair

People always write about hearts breaking and tear-stained-whatever-stuff-lying-around and moving on. They romanticize the sadness, the depression and the heartbreak. They know that everybody feels the same and could relate to when it comes to a point where the relationship has come to an end.

I, too, have been at that point. I’ve written a bunch of prose and poetry romanticizing the heart break after I have brought myself up together. I felt that sadness and loneliness was my muse. 

Emphasis on WAS though. 

I have stopped my dark, sad writing if you have noticed. No more emotional/sentimental thoughts and feelings in my prose and poetry. Or rather I haven’t written some stuff for awhile! 

It’s been a month (yay!) that Di and I are together, and I admit that it has been a struggle on some days, but I have never been happier and loved like this. It feels like I’m basking in the sunlight in a sea of people in a music festival, drowning in amazing music for days, living a wonderful life that I haven’t got the time to sit down and write. 

But I took the time to write now!

It’s a special day with a special person, right?

This is the first month of many months and hopefully years that we’ll be spending time together :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dahil Sisig Ang Ulam ko For Lunch

I have read Noringai’s Parang Kayo Pero Hindi book thanks to Kuya Nikko and dahil ang lakas maka-hugot ng librong to at sisig ang ulam ko today, here’s an excerpt:

Iba ang saya na dulot ng pagkain ng sisig. Kaya kahit masama, kahit alam natin na sisingilin tayo ng katawan natin sa panandaliang kaligayahan na iyon, tinutuloy pa rin natin. Kasi sa kasulukyan, masaya tayo.

Parang ikaw… alam kong hindi ka makabubuti sa akin. Alam ko in the long run, masasaktan lang ako sa iyo. Pero  bakit habang maaga pa, hindi ako umiwas? Kasi sa ngayon napapasaya mo ako. Napupunan mo ang ilang taong pagkukulang sa buhay ko.

May lessons learned pa yun from Candy Crush! :))

Anyway, happy weekend guys!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How To Forget Your Work Anniversary in Two Straight Years (a novel by me)

On the way to work, I lost all the ZZZ vibes when I realized that I forgot my work anniversary. Again.

Two years of forgetting my work anniversary. What a bummer. And as I was tracing back the days, I realized that on the 4th of July (work anniversary date), I only logged in half-day at work to go to Glorietta for the World Without Strangers Music Festival with my person. 

So it still was a great day! ;)

I am having all these (pleeeease, not emotional and melodramatic feels) angsty feels and existential musings in the work place again.

Two years. Two freaking years in the government service. A lot of people have been asking me “Why are you still there?” “Why don’t you find a job somewhere else?” “The corporate world is better and much more suited for you, you know?” 

A friend even said,

"Saludo ako sa inyo. Nakakatagal kayo dito."

What some people do not understand is that I have a work purpose. I have a purpose and a passion that keeps me holding on steadfastly, sacrificing and enduring all the pain this freaking hell has to offer. 

But underneath the strong purpose and passion is a human. I am not perfect and I am wavering. Christian says all these deep stuff and I am in a state of doubting and questioning again. 

"Live for yourself not for your boss or anyone."

Such a selfish statement, isnt it? But at the end of the day, what matters most is that your content and happy with your life, right? And what if you’re not happy with your work now? What if the work system eats you up every time? What if the work system is not doing you any good?

But what do I know with what’s going to happen? Maybe things will eventually get better. Or get worse. I don’t know. 

For now, I promised my boss. I will leave as soon as my job is done. I will leave when they no longer need me. 

I still have a lot of time to explore. I will leave to find out what’s good for me as soon as the APEC hosting is finished. 

Monday, July 7, 2014
"Tenerife Sea" by Ed Sheeran

We are surrounded by all of these lies
And people who talk too much
You got the kind of look in your eyes
As if no one knows anything but us

Should this be the last thing I see?
I want you to know it’s enough for me
'Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love

I Keep On Forgetting My Journal I Should Try To Tie It Around My Neck

Helloooooo :)

I am utterly frustrated that I left my journal again at home. But it’s a wonderful Monday morning, so whatever. Great news is that I have updated ze journal with new crazy pages and I felt that I should update my tumblr blog too, yeah? :)

IYFF Campaign Launch

Second event of the many events our office will be involved in. IYFF means International Year of Family Farming and at the campaign launch we were assigned as usherettes and for the closing this coming November, we’re going to be part of the Secretariat.

Had so much fun with these guys! 

World Without Strangers Music Festival

This was held last Friday at the Glorietta Activity Center. Good thing naabutan pa namin ang Up Dharma Down. Di and I only saw UDD and Join the Club’s performances then went out to have dinner. Our trip back home took us 2 hours on bus! Nothing beats EDSA traffic. Uggh.

"I want to be your late night phone call, and your drunken texts. I want to be your desperation. Your shaking and your hands and your whole heart put in my palms. I want your bitten nervous lips. Your jerk of the steering wheel when the phone rings. Your arm around the shoulder and hand around the neck. Yeah? Her? Yeah, that’s my girl. Your proud and your stubborn chin. Your jealous kisses. Kiss until your body is full. Kiss until your hands are brimming. Kiss until you can tip yourself liquid at my feet. Full of heart, mouth full of promises and dirty wants. I want your shoes at the bottom of my bed and your toothbrush in my bathroom drawer. I want your morning breath and sleepy fists over sleepy eyes. I want your thighs. Your kitten naps. Your sullen and your grouchy. I want your fire. I want to be your zenith. Your first point of contact with the sky. Eyes full of sky, eyes full of sun. Your knees and downturned mouth. Your knees and your bowed head. Your knees and your knees and the floor and your goddamn knees. There is a mountain in Nepal, they say when the sun hits it, it is the most beautiful thing anyone could ever see. I want to be your morning sunrise peak. I want to be your mountain girl."
Azra.T “That Girl” (via 5000letters)
Friday, July 4, 2014


Girls don’t want boys, girls want high-speed internet and dragons

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

COCOL Saturdate with Childhood Friends

Hashtag Eden in Manila! 

Mura pog concert hahahaha :D Anyway, me gots really excited when I learned Eden was here just in time for our plans to have another Saguijo night. BUT, since the people were busy, it all boiled down to just me, Gregg and Eden at Fullybooked High Street just having coffee and conversations like real grown-ups (as if! haha). 

Fullybooked High Street is my favooooorite place in the city because books, that’s why. And the place is perfect for chilling out alone or with friends. Plus, there’s Starbucks in there and White Yogurt. 

These two people are like brother and sister to me. We’ve been together since our “diaper” days and we’ve been through a lot of good and bad times and we still stick together. Although distance has been a hindrance to all of us during our college days, we still managed to meet up during the holidays. Such heartwarming days!

We reminisced about childhood stuffs, caught up with the events and “developments” in our lives and we stayed there until 7PM. We then transferred to SM Aura for some shopping.

Had a really fun time with these guys! 

PLUS, I bought two more books for my collection and a wonderful shirt for my person on sale! Sale signs are real eye-catchers! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Over The Long Weekend Father’s Day Special or Papa’s Cheat Day

I had a quick vacation (thus the short blogging hiatus) over the long weekend due to the Independence Day holiday. I booked that flight to have my braces adjusted and it was also timely for the Father’s Day celebration. Mum planned that we celebrate it a day earlier since I’ll be flying back on that Sunday.

So, the fambam went to Sabin.

It’s been years since I’ve went to this place!

That’s pops and mum ;)

The-obligatory-photo-of-Pops-and-the-kids since it’s Father’s Day. 

Pops had been sick since my elem days and mum is strict about eating healthy but it’s Father’s Day anyway so we let him eat what he wants. Cheat day!

I was really really happy I had the chance to swim! I didn’t enjoy my summer that much because of my freaking ear infection and now that it’s fine, I can get to swim around again! :)

We had a blast and I got down with the flu afterwards. Boo.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Monday, June 9, 2014
"Not About Angels" by Birdy

How unfair, it’s just our love
Found something real that’s out of touch
But if you’d searched the whole wide world
Would you dare to let it go?

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