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I Found My Haven At Chef Paul’s

As usual, Ate Eva and I were looking for places to eat online and yesterday we decided to eat out again. We found Chef Paul’s on one of a blogger’s review and since it’s very near the office, we headed out for the place even if it was raining hard.

Looks cozy from here.

When we entered the place, I gasped “This is amaaaazing.” The place is really clean and cozy. We were very lucky that we were the only ones there that time! We had the whole place to ourselves.


The place is really homey and cozy. I want to bring all my close friends here and ze boyfriend of course ;) I even said to Ate Eva I want to be here everyday after office hours. 

Favooorite ko na to! Hahahaha :D The place has music for its theme. See these OPM stars on the wall. Can you recognize them?

I only recognized Ely Buendia and Raimund Marasigan. Akala namin si Freddy Aguilar yung nasa left sie pero hindi pala. Hahahaha :D

The menu is even placed on vinyls too! 

They serve dessert waffles, waffle hamburgers, pasta, nachos and some other food stuff.

While waiting for our food, Ate Eva and I took pictures ;) I don’t want to flood my blog with our #selfies so I’ll just post one. Hihi :D

Ate Eva and I ordered the following for sharing (tipid mode again :)

This cheesy bacon pasta tasted soooo good. It’s spaghetti with light carbonara sauce topped with bacon, mushrooms and cheese. It’s bacon. You can never go wrong if there’s bacon in it. Or it’s just me. I’m a bacon person. (But who doesn’t love bacon right? haha)

Gosh. Seeing this photo makes me crave for this blueberry and cream cheese waffle sooo bad. This tastes like heaven I tell you. I want to have this everyday. Hahaha :D

After eating:

The owner/interior designer of this place really understands that baboy syndrome feel. Hahahaha :))

The Beatles say goodbye! 


Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5

Visit Chef Paul’s at 15 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. They’re open form 10:00AM to 11:00PM.

Bowl & Brew

Last Wednesday, Ate Eva and I were chatting on YM and we decided to have dinner outside.I was suggesting we go to Malingap or Maginhawa- just somewhere near our house. And then I remembered Bowl & Brew from a link I read so we tried it out.

What got my attention was: (1) the location of this resto (it’s located at Unit 131 V. Luna Extension, sobrang konting kembot lang from Savemore were we usually do our groceries which is also near our house btw) and (2) the cool interior design.

Here’s Ate Eva looking at the various bowls and cups at the ceiling. The bowls and cups are soooo cute! Gusto kong ukitin yung iba at iuwi for personal use! Hahahaha :D

Aside from the “bowl” ceiling,their dining set is also shaped like a bowl!

Enough of the interior design. Let’s chow down!

The place serves Lucban (Quezon) specialties, pasta and coffee. Since Ate Eva and I are on tipid mode (kami lang nagfofood trip na nagtitipid haha), we ordered the Pancit Lucban good for 2 persons. It was good and heavy on the tummy too. We had to take out the rest. We also had a clubhouse sandwich for sharing. 

Carbs on carbs! But who cares? Hahaha :D 

The server offered to take our picture for their Facebook account. Nakisuyo na din kami to have our pictures taken on our phones. 

So, the rating:

Food: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Place: 4/5- 

Bowl & Brew is located at Unit1 131, V.Luna Road Ext. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines. They’re open from 10:00AM-11:00PM. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ally’s All Day Breakfast

Last Sunday, we had a general cleaning at the house. It was one tough and dirty job. We cleaned the house until 200PM, imagine! I told Ate Evic I wanted to eat something good. Initially, we just decided to walk to Jollibee Kalayaan but I remembered the list of restaurants in Maginhawa and Malingap that I had, so I told Ate Evic we should try Ally’s All Day Breakfast.

The place was small but cozy. 

I couldn’t take too much pictures because the place was full :) At first we choose one rice meal and one pancake meal but then they had this What Diet Meal that involves one rice meal and a choco waffle, so we ordered that one figuring we could just share. 

The meal was amaaaaazing! To be honest, I am a breakfast person. I’m a sucker for bacon and egss. And the waffle served with chocolate ice cream on top was heavenly.

Ate Evic and I kept savoring each bite saying ‘woooo heaven!’ hahahaha :)) I would definitely recommend this place. I hope they expand the place soon to accomodate more customers with breakfast meal cravings. 

Cinemalaya X

Finally, after a few missed chances and sold-out-ticket times, I got tickets to the Cinemalaya showing at CCP. When we got our pay, I immediately texted Gregg and suggested we watch a Cinemalaya film. 

After eating at SHP Bibimbab Cafe and Restaurant, we got on a multicab that took us to CCP. 


I bought the tickets online using Ate Pao’s CC so all we had to do was claim ‘em tickets. Separados was the only one available with tickets at CCP. 


And because we were early and hungry again, we went to Harbor Square for some snacks. Greggy had pancakes and sausages and I had potato salad because I was still full from SHP. 

The bayside was lovely- and sizzling hot too!


We went to CCP to explore the place before our film starts. 


Cinemalaya turned 10 this year! 

There was an exhibit about the films for this year at the ground floor. 


There are also exhibits at the upper floors and Greggy and I explored every single floor. HAHA Pano first time namin pareho ;)

Have you watched any Cinemalaya film this year? What’s your favorite movie? 

We only got the chance to see Separados but we enjoyed it a lot. Gregg and I promised to watch more films next year. And hopefully, I could watch with my person too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Korean Brunch @ SHP Bibimbab Café and Restaurant

My friend Gregg was texting me last weekend that he wants to go and watch a movie. Because I was still broke that time, I passed. But when I got my pay and I remembered Cinemalaya is still on, I called him up and arranged our weekend together.

I really wanted to try this Korean café at Vito Cruz so I asked Greggy to come with me before we watch Cinemalaya. The place was lovely!


Dainty decals where on the walls. And what’s even more cute is that they have huge, and I mean HUGE, stuffed toys! I’m a sucker for all things fluffy and cute :3


Greggy is on a “diet” so he ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a frappe. I, on the other hand, ordered a chicken fried rice with kimchi on the side. Plus a cookies and cream frappe.

We stayed for awhile because our Cinemalaya movie showing was at 330PM. What to do when you’re in a lovely place? Take pictures, of course! Gregg was prepared with his monopod and fish eye lens. 




These photos were processed using VSCO Cam filters. Gregg was also teaching me how to use the app that day. Plus we had a lot of catching up to do before he flies again to foreign land.

Purely Foodgasmic @ Pino Resto

(August 4, 2014- only a few more backlogs left, I swear!)

The first time I’ve been to Pino, my friend Christian was with me. I remembered I loved the shrimps with salted eggs in the batter and I also had a few bites of the kare-kareng bagnet Christian was having. It was sooooo good.

And because our super kaduper late pay finally arrived, I took my person to Pino to have a good dinner. For the past few days Di has been taking me out to dinner and well, I wanted it to be my turn.

Di ordered the bagnet and tofu stack with mushroom rice.

I, on the other hand, ordered a bacon and cheese stuffed chicken.

Although it’s a bit pricey, the food is sooo good. It’s perfect. You will get your money’s worth surely. Di said he wants to go back. Yay!

Strategic Communications Workshop @ The Linden Suites

(July 31-August 1, 2014: Yep, still backlog)

Night before the workshop (yes, night before) my boss texted me and he was like ‘puntahan mo tong workshop na to bukas at 830 sa ortigas’ and I was like WAHT WHAT WAHT. The weather was really really bad that night and well sir has the van so I had to commute and go to the battlefield which is the MRT at rush hour to get to Ortigas on time.

I got on the train at around 700AM and lucky me I got on the first train when I got there at the station and I got off at Shaw. I was thanking God for the nice weather so I decided to walk instead of look for the van terminal because I thought (and the google maps said) its just near. But the universe was playing on me. It rained sooo damn hard when I was walking along Shaw.

Goodness gracious, I was ssssooooo wet.

Good thing there were no participants yet but the organizers were there and I was the early bird. The early bird who got rained on. Basang sisiw talaga ang peg ko. What added to the depressing feeling I had was that, I don’t know anybody. I was the only one from our department. I was a scaredy cat at one corner but I had to be there. I need to learn and take down notes and whatever stuff or else my boss is going to kill me. The pressure was intense really. I felt like the whole agency weight is on my shoulders I wanted to cry. But the workshop was cool and the speakers were really friendly and accommodating. I felt really glad as soon as the workshop started because I felt really important.

It wass a heavy-loaded workshop okay. The people we get to see on TV because of national issues were there (they’re here in one pic!). I don’t want to name them here baka pag nasearch sila online lumabas blog ko and ugh nakakahiya hahahaha :D

We also had speakers from the press. It was really cool.

The workshop was really helpful. We also had interactive activities like this manual Twitter feed using post it notes:

Plus, we had a media analysis exercise during the afternoon and I got to present. Disadvantages of being the young one in a group. Happens every time. But  I had fun tho. And the food’s great.

Binondo Food Trip: Café Mezzanine Revisited

(July 29, 2014-and again I’m posting backlogs yeah)

Café Mezzanine’s Beef wanton noodles are a perfect cure for a hangover. After the gig, I woke up early again because I scheduled a foodtrip with Ate Eva at Binondo. Of all the places that Christian and I visited during my first Binondo foodtrip, I loved Cafe Mezzanine the most.  You should visit Café Mezzanine if you have the time. Their hakaw is heavenly! I craved their hakaw almost every day after Christian brought me at CM the first time.

After eating, Ate Eva and I explored the Lucky Chinatown Mall then 168 and 999 malls at Divisoria. 

The Yellow Room Night @ The 70s Bistro

(July 28, 2014- Late post, I know!)

I have been eyeing The 70s Bistro every time I see bands post their schedules on Facebook. The main reason for choosing this bar is its location. Ilang kembot lang ‘to mula sa bahay! But despite its proximity, I could not step foot on this heaven-sent bar because (1) timing of favorite bands and (2) I have no gig buddy.

Fortunately, at last, the time has come. The timing was finally right. Mayonnaise was scheduled to play at the bar the night before a holiday. HALLELUJAH! The band gods have finally answered my prayer. I instantly called up Lara to come with me and she agreed. HALLELUJAH AGAIN!

The notice said gig starts at 800PM so Lara and I were there at around 800PM but there were no people yet. It was an advantage tho. We took pics like this one at the entrance:

Plus we get to choose the best seat. We were at the second table from the stage so we’re kind of near the performing bands.  See:

Entrance fee for that night was Php 200.00. With that you get one bottle of beer. Cool, right? But Lara and I shared one bucket from 800PM up to 200AM. Awesome. But nothing good happens after 200AM (is my HIMYM quote reference right? Hihi) and my drunken butt has to throw up and climb upstairs.

I kind of forgot the name of the first band I posted but here’s Mad Hatter Day (sorry for the crappy photo) where the vocalist is a girl. I kind of remembered Hayley thru her and my frustrations as a rockstar have been refueled again. I REALLY WANT TO BE IN A BAND AND BE A ROCKSTAR OKAAAAAY! T.T

Aside from Mad Hatter Day, my favorite-girl-next-to-Ms.-Armi also performed. Here is THE JOYCE PRING:

I first saw her perform at saGuijo and I fell in love with her. Such beautiful singing voice. I really got annoyed that this ~*celebrity*~ has an album out and all she does is just make pa-cute. JP deserves to have an album out. The world deserves to know that this girl has an amazing voice.

Enough of my ranting tho.

Highlight of my night: pinansin ako ni Monty! Hahahaha. I was singing along (singing my heart out, maybe) when they were performing and I was kind of drunk (a little!) si he said “Si ate oh, confident!” sabay turo sa’kin. Medyo nahiya ako pero kinilig talaga ako. Hahahaha :D

I got home around 200AM. Good thing Lara was with me.

Thank God for drinking/gig buddies. Awesome.

Friday, August 8, 2014

I’m Soo Excited And I’m Freaking Out, I Think My Head’s Going To Explode

I’ve been putting off updating my tumblelog for a few days (or is it weeks now? well whatever) now because work but I am supposed to blog about my:

  1. The 70’s Bistro gig (finally) with Lara and
  2. a little Binondo + Divisoria trip with Ate Eva

But now I’ll be going on another awesome weekend and the posts are stacking up, I cannot. Anyway, I’ll try to update next week about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! From that short holiday, to my new phone, to little trips with my person and the awesome events coming.

So what’s up for the weekend?

  1. I’m off to the SR&R Anniversary gig at District 2140 Anonas tonight with Lara and Lab. (Note: Exactly one year ago today, FOB came back after their hiatus and played live at the Big Dome! BEST CONCERT EVER!)
  2. SHP Bibimbab Cafe date with Greggy
  3. Cinemalaya at CCP with Greggy
  4. Watch Lucy with Elem/HS batchmates
  5. Sleep over daw at Ate Papop’s

Amazing sched right? :))

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It’s funny how, sometimes, we risk ourselves to get what we want; to do what we want. What’s funnier is, I got the thought from having coffee. I’m having coffee and risking all of me and this whole day just to feel some comforting warmth in this cold and gloomy weather. 

Hopefully, when I feel the first jabs of pain in my chest and the heaving of my lungs, my mind will concentrate on the pain that’s real. On the things that are here right now while the rain pours outside drenching problematic people elsewhere in this city. 

I hope they’d think that good things will come eventually. Or that they can, somehow, do something that will lead to it. I hope they realize that life is short and fast and it will not stop for anyone. I hope they’d have the courage to move on. 

I hope they’d find comfort. 

Monday, July 21, 2014
"Your soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It is who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second…"

Anonymous (via unity-amongst-the-universe)



Words of Emotion

I did not want to be anyone’s something until you. Now, I just want to be your everything. I couldn’t risk losing you.


Words of Emotion

I did not want to be anyone’s something until you. Now, I just want to be your everything. I couldn’t risk losing you.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

They Say A Person Stops Writing When He/She’s Happy or Broken Beyond Repair

People always write about hearts breaking and tear-stained-whatever-stuff-lying-around and moving on. They romanticize the sadness, the depression and the heartbreak. They know that everybody feels the same and could relate to when it comes to a point where the relationship has come to an end.

I, too, have been at that point. I’ve written a bunch of prose and poetry romanticizing the heart break after I have brought myself up together. I felt that sadness and loneliness was my muse. 

Emphasis on WAS though. 

I have stopped my dark, sad writing if you have noticed. No more emotional/sentimental thoughts and feelings in my prose and poetry. Or rather I haven’t written some stuff for awhile! 

It’s been a month (yay!) that Di and I are together, and I admit that it has been a struggle on some days, but I have never been happier and loved like this. It feels like I’m basking in the sunlight in a sea of people in a music festival, drowning in amazing music for days, living a wonderful life that I haven’t got the time to sit down and write. 

But I took the time to write now!

It’s a special day with a special person, right?

This is the first month of many months and hopefully years that we’ll be spending time together :)

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